We are the only veterinary anatomic pathology service in the state of Alaska.  We offer both diagnostic and research based pathology for wildlife as well as domestic animals.  This includes necropsy, histopathology, microbiology, nutritional analysis, toxicology, etc. for full work up of cases.  Dr. Burek is a board certified veterinary pathologist who had been in business with AVPS for 15 yrs.  She has had experience working on health assessments in Steller sea lions, beluga whales, caribou, moose and musk ox; response and analysis of stranded marine mammals and diagnostic pathology on a wide variety of wildlife species ranging from amphibians to fish, to birds to mammals.  She also has a keen interest in zoonotic diseases, climate change issues and supporting the subsistence users to whom Alaska's wildlife are a critical part of their way of life.  She has contracted with USGS, USFWS, the State Public Health Laboratory, UAA, UAF, ADF&G, NMFS, NMML, The New Zealand Bureau of Ministry, CA Game and Fish, NW ZooPath as well as private veterinary practitioners.  
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